Monday, April 19, 2010

WOW - Up, Up and AWAY!!!

We hear Dave Valgaardson, our wonderful friend and professional "house" mover, is ready to get started!!!  He wants to work the barn in before his schedule gets too jam-packed to get our job done for the GREAT price he is giving us for the mooooooove.

So you'll start to see some action at the current barn site soon!

More pledges and donations have come in but we still need about 6K more to pay Dave, the power company and get the basic foundation and utility work done for the first phase.  Not bad!

Our Barn-yard sale and motorcycle ride on May 8th should help a lot.  Please contact us if you have any extra useables around your house to donate for sale.  And come support too!!!

ALSO - please scroll down a bit for info on the fun Earth Day Event coming up this Saturday.  We'll be there too!!!       THANKS!

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