Monday, May 17, 2010


Sunday, May 16th  - 7:30 am

The Old Girl (yes, she's big-as-a-barn but that's OK) rolled on down 12300 S. to her new home on Pioneer Road.  It was a smooth moove led by Valgardson & Sons House movers and assisted by Tod Wadsworth of Ralph L. Wadsworth construction, Hadco Construction and Rocky Mountain Power.  Thanks to all these wonderful donors and many more for helping to make this happen.

Representatives from the Day family watched the move, several of whom actually worked in the barn from their youth.  It must have been a bit sad to see the barn leave it's historic location but everyone seemed happy to know the barn and the Day family story would continue on.  In fact, the Day Barn will help bring to life much of Draper's agricultural and family history and will also be part of creating new memories for generations to come!

It's not over yet!  Donations are still needed to renovate the barn so please check out this link for a fun fundraiser (did they put the FUN in FUNdraiser??) underway through Fresh Hair Professionals Salon in Draper.  If this sincere group is successful in reaching their goal of $10,000 the Day Barn will be about where it needs to be in terms of cash money!

Check back soon for a list of in-kind contributions and volunteer opportunities to help git-er-done!

Photos soon!

Here are some links to the great media coverage the barn move received -

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


YES!  The Day Dairy Barn will be gettin' on down the road THIS Sunday, May 16th!  Valgaardson Brothers house movers will begin the move at 7:00 am.  

THE ROUTE -  The barn will turn left onto 12300 S. go east to 800 E. and travel south one block to Pioneer Road (12400 S.) where it will turn and travel east until it reaches the parcel just to the east of the Fitzgerald House at approximately 1120 E. Pioneer Road. 

The Barn will be "staged" (left on blocks) on the property while Wadsworth Construction and other wonderful donor partners prepare the site with footings and foundation.  The barn will be slid into place and anchored at a later date.

More info to come soon!

Oh - and if you would like to donate to the Day Barn renovation, here is an EXTRA fun way to do it -  give through the Fresh Hair Professionals Day Barn Fundraiser!  This fundraiser is authorized by the Day Barn Fundraising Committee.  Your donation will receive all the regular recognitions, PLUS you'll get a chance to WIN great items donated by local businesses.   Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o, get along little doggies!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's the Barn-YARD SALE and Ride-for-the-Cause to help moooooove and renovate the Day Dairy Barn -  THIS SATURDAY,
MAY 8TH from 8am to 1 pm
Tell all your friends!  We have a ton of great stuff to sell but
have room for even more!!!!!  Email HERE to donate
or volunteer to help set up!