Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger

Sorry folks.  So much time has passed since the last blog entry.  The progress on the barn has been monumental!  It will take a while to get all the updates and photos posted here, but we will.

This last Friday and Saturday we had a little open house over Draper Days to show folks the progress on the barn.  Our visitors were extremely delighted to see just how beautiful and functional the inside of the Barn will be.  In Historic Preservation terms, the project would be called "Adaptive Re-use" - changing the historic use of the building to a needed and appropriate NEW use.

The outside of the barn keeps it's Depression Era original architecture.  The interior now has electrical wiring, insulation, pine and corrugated metal walls, plumbing, bathroom framing, lighting and more.  You'll want to call Draper Parks department now to schedule your next event in the Day Barn.

The push for the last bit of contributions is ON.  Please donate if you can.  Any amount will help AND as soon as we get the funding the barn can be finished and OPEN for the community!  So that means it could be done by the end of August if we can just get a little more help from our friends.

Remember, NO city funds have been used on the Day Barn.  It is a gift TO the community FROM the community!  Donate $100 or more soon and your name will be on the permanent donor plaque at the Barn!