Friday, April 16, 2010

More "Cash Money" in the mooving fund!!

Hello friends,

LaRayne Day, our super-organized and all-round-wonderful secretary tells us that now we have nearly $17,000 in the bank!!!  That puts us much closer to our $20,000 goal for the cost of the actual MOOving of the barn.  18K for the mover and some additional for little things like lifting power lines, etc.  GREAT NEWS! 

ALSO - You will find our Historic Preservation Commission booth at Draper's Earth Day event!  Find out how Historic Preservation is GREEN, check out Day Barn progress, donate and have an all-round great time with family and friends.  Here's the flyer below.  OH, and keep in mind our Day Barn Yard Sale on May 8th.  Please donate and attend if you can!  Thanks!

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